Did you study perfumery?

I studied lyrical singing for around ten years, then communication. In 2018, I resumed studies again in 2018 at Cinquième Sens to train myself in the basics of the profession of perfumer.

Every morning at dawn, I did my nose exercises, smelling blindly in a guessing game that called on my memory and my olfactory references. After a few months, I had 430 olfactory materials engrammed in the olfactory cortex. Then came a few weeks of formulations trying to copy some great classics, finally the creation of a first personal perfume.

Exciting start but absolutely not an end in itself as the assembly of raw materials is an infinite exploration.

Alongside my training, I had the chance to be coached by a great renowned perfumer who told me from the height of his stature that I would never be a perfumer and that no one would take me on an internship considering the height of my age. A few months later, he himself hired me as his assistant. I had what I wanted, to tease my nose eating formulas and materials in an Empire-style laboratory with a wonderful atmosphere. Understand who can.

Loosy assistant (a few milligrams lost too quickly almost always altered the weighing of the formula), "loosy blotter", (I am a very bad skin model for the olfactory evaluation as my dry skin suckles up the perfume like a starving infant), all I had to do was become a perfumer...