About our perfumes

Where are our fragrances made?

The creation of our formulas

The creation of the formula takes place in the perfumer's head, in this case Isabelle Larignon's, at the tip of her long nose, and then on the skin of friendly crash test dummies who agree to be "skin models" for the olfactory evaluation of a perfume being created.

Neurons and nose are based in Paris. Skin models' skins may be less local. And even if our friends include animals, our perfumes are not tested on the scales, feathers, hair or leather of any animal.

How our perfumes are made

The perfume concentrate is made in Montauroux, a beautiful village in the Var not far from Cannes and Grasse, by a partner company dedicated to sourcing the finest raw materials.

A family-run business, serving perfumers for two generations, is responsible for putting the perfumes into BIO wheat alcohol and packaging them in bottles. The company is located some 40 km from the manufacturer, in Vallauris, famous for its ceramics.

We can safely say that our fragrances are made in France, and for those numerologists with a fussy carbon footprint: made in 93, 83 and 06.