Are your perfumes “vegan”?

The question may seem absurd but it was asked to us, so let's provide a clear answer here.

As a reminder, veganism consists of removing all foods and ingredients from animal exploitation, such as meat, fish, milk, eggs and even honey, from one's diet. More broadly, the principle extends to any everyday object: clothes, shoes, bags and therefore why not, perfumes.

We know that perfumery has a few rare ingredients from the animal kingdom: ambergris, castoreum, civet, honey, musk, African stone.

The composition of our perfumes does not use any of these materials.

When we talk about the “ animal” facet of the Bangla Yāsaman jasmine accord, this effect comes from the osmanthus flower absolute and the para-cresol and indole molecules. The latter is present naturally, between 2 and 7% depending on the Sambac or Grandiflorum varieties, in the jasmine flower.

Of course, in Milky Dragon , there is no butter, milk powder, or dragon powder.

Finally, the question hangs in our face:

Are our perfumes “gluten free”?

Yes ! To dilute our perfume concentrate, because it is certified organic, we use wheat alcohol. However, following the fermentation and distillation process of wheat, gliadin (protein causing gluten intolerance) is no longer present in alcohol.