Where are our packaging made?

The bottles

I dream of tailor-made bottles "made in Normandy" manufactured by the last French glassmaker to offer semi-automatic molds... My personal funds do not allow me the investment at the moment, so we offer a standard bottle. Its round banality could almost make it a great classic. Ours is made in China sold by a distributor based in the Paris region, the only one to offer us small series, less than 1000 pieces to order.

We hope to embellish everything, in any case personalize it, with a long and narrow label like a Modigliani face. We chose a pump with a “Fantômette” tube, just the name we liked. Fantômette is magical: as soon as the pump is primed, that is to say as soon as you spray the perfume, the conductive tube becomes almost invisible, and this, beyond the aesthetics, amuses us a lot.

Secondary packaging or packaging

If there is another headache in perfumery, it is that of sourcing standard packaging, neither too cheap nor too ugly, in small quantities. The one dedicated to 50ml bottles is in two parts, with a bell holding the cross-shaped base closed. This principle caught my eye for its false simplicity. I like the origami spirit of the base, which, once free, opens up like a star, like a flower, like a blank page on which you can write stories and even, sometimes with a stamp, a fly, which comes to rest there, like a Memento Mori...

These packs are made in Grasse, France, by a company specialized in the manufacture of perfume cases. This is an important point, as the difference in costs between a European or Chinese manufacturer is considerable, and a heavy burden for a small design house. This choice is therefore a political act of support for the activity and know-how of our French companies.

Our 10ml perfume packaging is made in Barcelona, Spain.

The PEFC certification of paper attests to respect for the environmental, economic and social functions of forests. The manufacturing and then printing of PEFC certified paper therefore contributes to the sustainable management of forests, through their renewal, while preserving the water, soil, fauna and flora of this natural environment. (source: www.pefc-france.org )