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Isabelle Larignon

Bangla Yāsaman

Bangla Yāsaman

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Bangla Yāsaman is an opulent jasmine whose sun-drenched white flower returns all the powerful warmth of the day to the night with fragrance. Dark and luminous, green and spicy, animal and balsam, this deep jasmine is addictive.

To create Bangla Yāsaman, Isabelle Larignon plays on her craft as an illusionist and constructs without a drop of natural jasmine absolute, a soliflore of incredible reality. The jasmine accord is dressed with spices and the celery facet of cis-jamone is accentuated. Like curries and immortelle, celery seed essence recalls the warm, sensual scent of the skin.

Like a hybrid of jasmine, Bangla Yāsaman exudes the fruity and animal aspects of Sambac, and the green and tobacco aspects of Grandiflorum. The accord is softened and warmed by Peruvian balsam supported by vanilla absolute. Cardamom brings freshness and creamy effects to the top notes. The osmanthus flower naturally supports the leathery and country notes of paracresol, while providing the velvety feel of apricot skin.


> bergamot, bucchu, cardamom, lemon, turmeric, bitter orange petit grain

> jasmine accord, celery seed, osmanthus, saffron, clary sage absolute

> fir Balsam, indole, Peruvian balsam, absolute tobacco, absolute vanilla

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