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Isabelle Larignon

Milky Dragon

Milky Dragon

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BEST-SELLER since its release in June 2022, Milky Dragon stands out for the originality of its fragrance and its obvious beauty. Easy to wear, it surprises with the richness and complexity of its many facets which are revealed on the skin like a play of shadow theater.

Although widely discussed in perfumery, tea inspired Isabelle Larignon and more particularly Milky Oolong, a semi-oxidized "blue" tea appreciated for its naturally milky note. The opportunity to work on the gourmet side by discarding vanilla or sticky notes of caramel and cotton candy.

Immersing your nose in the dry leaves of this tea is like diving into the fur of a home cat: it is warm, soft and dry. The olfaction is delicious like milk on the stove, comforting like a barely roasted chestnut in autumn. Coumarind notes reminiscent of hay dried by the summer that has passed, exude like a consolation. Cis-jasmone obliges, mixing with the whole a bouquet of white flowers. On the palate, the floral, creamy, milky liqueur is enriched with jammy fruit effects: apricot, mirabelle plum, fig…
This is all that we feel in Milky Dragon. As well as the memory of a tea garden caught in the mist of the dawning day. Vegetation and humidity meet in the brilliance of green foliage beaded with dew, as shiny as lacquered leather.


> bergamot, bucchu, cardamom

> rose ketones, cis-jasmone, ionones, lactones, hazelnut, ozonic note, clary sage

> Virginia cedar, fir balsam, evernyl (oak moss)

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